Advanced Real Estate Marketing

Seller Representation 

Real estate agents across the country are now presenting auction marketing as a choice to their listings and prospective sellers. Many of our events come to Target Auction Company as a result of unsold listings, and we have generated exceptional results for the agent and their client. We are able to sell and close their property in an accelerated time frame while achieving the desired results. We cast a wider net of marketing through our advertising campaigns and create the urgency needed to bring qualified buyers to the table. Sellers choose Target to take control of the sales process for a variety of reasons, such as downsizing, relocating, health, estate planning, etc., or simply because the property has been on the market and has not sold. By contacting us you have more options available which is providing the best possible service to your client.

  • Professional and comprehensive multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • The date certain event creates urgency for buyers
  • Achieve a fair market price, no-contingency contract, close in 30 days
  • Additional listing tool
  • Commissions earned that otherwise would go to a competitor
  • Referral fees on properties out of your service area
  • Less effort required by seller and agent
  • Target provides a complete turnkey service
  • Additional marketing and PR for you