432± Recreational Acres in Reseca, (Gordon & Whitfield Counties), Georgia
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432± Recreational Acres in Resaca, Georgia

SOLD!  432± recreational acres in Gordon & Whitfield Counties, Georgia. One of the benefits in selling land at auction is the ability to offer a property in individual parcels as well as an entirety. Our platform allows bidders to customize the way they purchase which ensures our seller the highest possible price. This beautiful tract of land on the Conasauga River drew interest from coast to coast. "I have been VERY impressed with you and your company, Jeff.  If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use me."- Seller
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  •   Mar 16 @ 11:00AM EDT (End)
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    432± Recreational Acres in Resaca

    Gordon & Whitfield Counties, Georgia

    Offered in Tracts with Bidding by the Acre

    Online bidding begins November 6th and concludes Wednesday, November 20th at 11 a.m. (ET)


    -All Bidding is by the ACRE- 

    Your bid amount will be multiplied by the number of acres in the tract to reach your high bid price.

    EXAMPLE: If you bid $1,000 and the property consists of 50± acres, your bid price is $50,000.


    Offered in Tracts:

    Tract A - 208.79± Acres (parcel 2) - Gordon County

    Tract B - 154.84± Acres (parcel 1) - Gordon County

    Tract C - 14.62± Acres (parcels 6 & 7) - Gordon County

    Tract D - 54.21± Acres (parcels 3 & 5) - Gordon & Whitfiled Counties

    ENTIRETY - Tracts A, B, C & D - 432± Acres (parcels 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 & 7) - Gordon & Whitfiled Counties

    • Conasauga River River Frontage
    • Excellent Recreational Property
    • Road Frontage
    • Approximately 48± Acres of Row Crop

    The property (except Parcel 6 of Tract C containing 10± acres) is subject to a perpetual conservation easement that preserves the property and limits certain uses while providing for ongoing forest management, agricultural and recreational use. Please go to the Documents tab and see “Conservation Easement” for the complete document.

    The physical access to Tract A (Parcel 2) is from an existing railroad crossing by CSX and the permit to use the crossing has expired. The crossing is located at the end of an easement which comes from Tract B (Parcel 1) to Tract A (Parcel 2). The Seller inquired with CSX as to the process and costs for re-establishing the crossing permit. There is a one-time application fee of $1,250, and then there is an annual license fee of $350, and an annual maintenance fee of $2,456. The Seller will give the Purchaser of this tract a one-time credit for the application fee, the annual license fee, and annual maintenance fee totaling $4,056 at closing. It will be up to the Purchaser to apply to CSX and obtain the railroad crossing permit.  CSX has indicated its willingness to grant the permit and Seller can put the Purchaser in touch with the appropriate staff at CSX.  The Purchaser may also be able to negotiate alternative access but neither Seller nor Auction Company make any guarantees as to the railroad crossing permit approval or access to the property.

    Auction Information

    Auction Online Bidding begins Wednesday, November 6th and concludes Wednesday, November 20th at 11 am (ET).

    Buyer’s Premium A 10% Buyer’s Premium will be added to the final bid to determine the Total Contract Price paid by the Purchaser.

    Terms of Sale The Contract is to be signed and returned to Target Auction Company on auction day. This is a Cash Sale with 10% down due Thursday, November 21st by 4 pm ET with the balance due at closing within 30 days. 

    Broker Compensation:  Brokers are welcome. Please see the Broker Compensation Form under this property’s Documents tab.

    Property PreviewsProperty is vacant and may be viewed anytime during daylight hours. However, due to hunting season we recommend wearing orange for your safety.

    Area Information:

    Emergency Services:

    • Gordon County Sheriff Office, 4± miles
    • Gordon County Fire Dept. 4± miles
    • E.M.S. 8 miles


    • North Georgia Electric, power
    • City of Calhoun Utilities, water


    • Tolbert Elementary School, 5± miles
    • Ashworth Middle School, 9± miles
    • Gordon Central High School, 9± miles

    Broker Participation Welcome. 10% Buyer’s Premium.

    Dewey Jacobs, GAL #359070.

    DISCLAIMER: Target Auction and Land Company, Inc. assumes no liability for errors or omissions in this listing. Although information has been obtained from sources deemed reliable, the auctioneer makes no warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy of the information herein contained. It is for this reason that the buyer’s and buyer’s agents should avail themselves of the opportunity to make a thorough inspection and verify all specifications prior to sale. All properties offered for sale in “AS IS” condition. This includes both personal property (if applicable) and real property. All sales are final. This listing may be modified or withdrawn at the seller’s discretion without notice at any time prior to or during the sale; property may be sold prior to Auction.  All properties are being sold subject to confirmation unless otherwise indicated. Seller may reserve the right to deny admittance or to remove anyone at this auction that may disrupt this sale in any way. All statements made at the auction shall take precedence over all printed materials. The auctioneer shall not be responsible or liable in any way if the seller fails to honor any bid or refuses to close or cannot close title in accordance with the winning bid(s) or any sales contract; or if the property is contaminated  with any type of hazardous waste or requires any repairs. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to inspect all properties prior to bidding to verify all of his/her specifications. Agency Disclosure: Target Auction & Land Company, Inc. and its agents represent the seller only. Target Auction & Land Company, Inc. is the selling agent only.



    To bid on our property(s), you must be of legal age to enter into a contract to purchase real estate (18 in most states, 21 in others). If you're in doubt about the legal age to enter into a contract in your state, please consult with competent legal counsel before bidding. All bids are placed in US DOLLARS.

    1. As the auction nears the ending time it will auto-extend until bidding is silent for a minimum of 2 minutes.
    2. If there is more than one high bid at the same level (a tying bid), the bid first submitted will be honored.
    3. All bids shall be deemed pending unless and until duly accepted by the auctioneer.
    4. The auctioneer shall have sole discretion in deciding the successful bidder in the event of a bidding dispute. The auctioneer's determination of the successful bidder shall be the final determination of the successful bidder.
    5. All bids are accepted at the sole discretion of the auctioneer.  For any given auction, the successful bidder is deemed the bidder that places the bid that is accepted by the auctioneer.
    6. The auctioneer has the sole and absolute discretion to advance the bidding, including the discretion to reject any bid which the auctioneer believes, does not advance the auction and/or is injurious to the auction.  Bids that may be rejected include without limitation bids that appear to the auctioneer to be nominal, suspicious and/or suspect.
    7. Seller reserves the right to postpone or cancel this auction at any time for any reason. Seller also reserves the right to add, sell, and/or remove any property at any time.
    8. Neither the company providing the software nor the auction company or seller shall be held responsible for a missed bid or the failure of the software to function properly for any reason, including but not limited to any internet connection failures.
    9. All registration information the bidder provides shall be current, complete, and accurate. All bidders are responsible for any bids placed under their bidder accounts/number and passwords. The security of bidder information is the responsibility of the bidder. Bidders must notify Target Auction Company if they believe that their bidder account/number and password have been compromised.
    10. All properties will be selling subject to seller’s approval unless otherwise stated.
    11. By using the “App” or registering to bid, you agree to all of the terms and conditions and expressly acknowledge and affirm that you have read and are familiar with the Online Bidding Terms, Terms and Conditions of Sale as well as all the disclaimers, conditions and all other related documents set forth in regard to the auction, property, and method of bidding.
    12. By placing a bid, you acknowledge that your bid is a legally binding offer to purchase the property being auctioned.  Your bid (i.e., offer) may be accepted by the auctioneer, in which case a legally binding agreement will be in place between you and "Auction Company".
    13. The MaxBid function on the online bidding platform is private; however, it can be seen by the Auctioneer. On reserve items, the Auctioneer reserves the right to bid on behalf of the Seller, up to the reserve amount. Seller has the right to modify the reserve at any time.
    1. TERMS OF SALE This is a CASH SALE. This sale is not contingent upon Purchaser’s ability to obtain financing. Successful buyer(s) will deposit 10% of total contract price amount in the form of cashier's check or bank wire transfer to Target Auction Company by 5:00 pm (CT) the following business day after the auction with the remaining balance due at closing within 30 days. Wire Transfers: Please note that a service fee will apply to all payments made via wire transfer. For wire transfer instructions please email auctioninfo@targetauction.com. Contract Packages will be sent by e-mail to the successful bidder at the conclusion of the auction. Successful bidders must execute and fax, email or hand-deliver the package back to Target Auction Company Auction Day.
    2. BUYER’S PREMIUM A 10% buyer’s premium will be added to the winning bids to determine the total contract price.
    3. ONLINE AUCTION REGISTRATION Bidders are required to register for the online auction by submitting a valid credit card for bidding approval. Should Auction Company require a registration fee to be charged to your credit card in order to place bids on a property, this information (including the required amount) will be disclosed on the property's auction page.
    4. DEFAULT It is agreed by all parties that in the event the Purchaser fails to execute the Contract For Sale And Purchase, or submit the required deposit, or close the transaction, Purchaser will be declared in default and will forfeit any registration fees or deposits. Seller and Auction Company reserves all rights allowed by law and the Contract For Sale And Purchase, including a suit for damages, specific performance or cancellation of the transaction, with the Seller to retain the Earnest Money Deposit. 
    5. EQUAL OPPORTUNITY CLAUSE All bidding is open to the public.  The Property is available to qualified Purchasers without regard to race, color, religion, sex familial status, national origin, or physical handicap.
    6. BIDDER VERIFICATION The identity of all bidders will be verified, bidding privileges are provisional, and if complete verification is not possible, Target Auction Company reserves the right reject the registration and bidding activity is subject to termination.
    7. AUCTIONEER’S AGENCY DISCLOSURE The Auctioneer is acting exclusively as the agent for the Seller in this transaction and is to be paid a fee by the Seller pursuant to a separate written agreement between Seller and the Auction Company.  The Auctioneer is not acting as an Agent in this transaction for the Purchaser.  Any third party Buyer Broker is not a Subagent of Auction Company.
    8. AUCTION END TIMES All Target Auction Company’s online real estate auctions are subject to extended bidding due to bidding activity.  Target Auction Company reserves the right to adjust the auto extension time period or end the auction at any time.
    1. If you are outbid by another bidder, you will receive an email notice so you can return and increase your bid if you so desire.
    2. As the auction nears the ending time it will auto-extend until bidding is silent for a minimum of 2 minutes.
    3. The high bidder will be notified via email after the auction ends.
    2. PROPERTY INFORMATION The Property is selling “AS IS” subject to, and any CONTRACT IS NOT CONTINGENT upon, any state of facts an accurate survey or personal inspection of the Property may reveal, any existing or proposed rights-of-way, prior reservation or conveyances, restrictive or protective covenants, easements, encroachments, rights or claims of parties in possession, zoning, building codes, permits, governmental agencies regulations, environmental conditions (including but not limited to wetlands, riparian, or littoral rights), flood zones, zoning or subdivision regulations, hazardous materials, water rights or water access, mineral rights or reservations, leases or tenancies, and subject to all title exceptions as set forth in the Title Commitment.
    3. NEW DATA, CORRECTIONS, AND CHANGES Please check for updated information for any changes, corrections, or additions to the property information. Information and property details are updated on an ongoing basis. It is the responsibility of the bidder and/or buyer's agent to verify any updates prior to the end time of the auction. Any statements made auction day, supersede any prior oral or written statements.
    4. GUARANTY AGREEMENT By submitting a bid in the name of a business entity or corporation, the individual submitting the bid has the authority to bid and enters into a guaranty agreement whereby he or she personally guarantees payment of any bid amount not paid when due by the business entity or corporation, for any reason, together with all collection expenses incurred to enforce collection, including a reasonable attorney's fee.