Sell at Auction
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Sell at Auction

  • Auctions have existed for over 2,000 years
  • Over a quarter trillion dollars of goods and services are sold at auction every year in the U.S.
  • Auctions continue to be a rapidly growing trend in real estate for sellers and buyers
  • “Priceless” works of art are sold only at auction
  • Auctions are the truest method of price discovery
  • Competitive bidding determines the true market value of a property
  • Turn real estate into cash efficiently and effectively via an auction
  • Successful auctions are due to professional and comprehensive multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Auctions are a win/win approach to selling and buying
  • Buyers come prepared to purchase
  • Auctions require less time and effort from the seller than any other method
  • Sellers do not pay a commission
  • The seller is in control of the process setting the timeframe and terms of sale with no negotiations
  • Auctions accelerate the selling timeframe
  • The date-certain event creates urgency for buyers
  • Auctions achieve a fair market price allowing a no-contingency contract and closing in 30 days




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