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Agent participation is welcome and appreciated for all of our auctions.

We are aware you have access to buyers, and we want to compensate you for bringing them to our sales. In fact, significant commissions can be received simply by registering a bidder who purchases. Our philosophy for buyers is the more knowledgeable, the better the buyer. Access to information ensures a smooth closing for everyone. By contacting us, you can provide options to offer the best possible service for your buyer. 




"There have been a few auctions in Buckhead (GA) but none as successful as this. Target Auction out-performed them all." - Buyer Broker, Alyson Becker of Harry Norman, Realtors


Why show your client an auction property?

  • Process is quick and easy     
  • Work with a committed seller     
  • Bidders determine the value
  • All the terms of the transaction are known in advance
  • Bidders can tour the property
  • Purchase and closing dates are known (close within 30 days)
  • All bidders compete fairly and under the same terms
  • Property information and documents are provided in advance    
  • Buy through an open and transparent process


Our auctions offer buyers a simple, hassle-free, transparent transaction.

All details are known before the auction which is attractive for all parties!

Here's a sampling of the available information:

  • Property details & overview
  • Property preview dates
  • Terms & conditions of sale (guidelines of how the property is selling and the timeline) 
  • Title commitment (selling free and clear) 
  • Bidding guidelines
  • Purchase contract (no hassles with negotiations)
  • Closing guidelines

"Target Auction performed just like they said they would. We worked together on my client's property portfolio in South Florida. My client was not a distressed seller. He wanted to sell everything at one time and use the proceeds to do a 1031 Exchange. Target Auction is extremely professional and easy to work with. It was a win-win for everyone, and I highly recommend their services. I'll be recommending them to my clients in the future!" - John Patton, Patton Investment Properties 


Every day more real estate agents are turning to real estate auctions as an additional service for their clients and it’s no secret why. Auctions continue to grow in popularity for sellers and buyers. This approach is a win-win as sellers can be in control of the process and buyers purchase at a fair value. In today’s fast-paced world a date-certain sale date, a no contingency contract, and a known closing date are attractive to everyone. The real estate industry is evolving, and brokers and auction companies will team up more and more to meet the demands of clients. Target Auction Company offers highly effective professional marketing for all your real estate selling needs. By teaming up with Target, you can enhance your market share while generating significant commissions that otherwise could go unearned or be lost. Target Auction has been matching properties with buyers since 1983.

When you can help fulfill your client’s goal, it’s hard not to recommend the auction platform!

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