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Earn your commission by teaming up with Target Auction to get your listing SOLD! We would be pleased to review our program with you. Please read on and contact us to get more information on how you can keep your client happy while making money.

Team up with Target Auction.

Earn your commission.

Get your listing sold!


Real estate agents across the country are presenting auction marketing as a choice for their clients as an alternative to lowering the list price and making concessions.

Many of our events come to Target Auction Company as a result of unsold listings to which we have generated exceptional results for the agent and their client. We are able to sell and close property in an accelerated timeframe while achieving the desired results by casting a wider net of marketing through our campaigns while creating the urgency needed to bring qualified buyers to the table. Sellers choose Target to take control of the sales process for a variety of reasons: downsizing, relocating, estate planning, health, etc., or simply because the property has not yet sold. By contacting us, you have more options available to provide the best possible service for your client.


What can we offer?

  • Professional and comprehensive multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • The date-certain event creates urgency for buyers
  • Achieve a fair market price, no-contingency contract, close in 30 days
  • Additional listing tool to offer your client
  • Commissions earned that otherwise would go to a competitor
  • Referral commissions for properties out of your service area
  • Less effort is required by the seller and agent
  • Additional marketing and PR for you
  • Target provides a complete turnkey marketing service.

"It was a pleasure working with your firm on getting our unique Texas home sold and closed. Being the listing agent with Coldwell Banker, it was important to be involved and you kept us informed throughout the entire process. Hopefully, we can work together again and I would happily recommend your services to any Seller or Listing Agent/Broker." - Listing Agent, Karla Ditto


We would be honored to provide you with more information to better assist in introducing your client to the auction method of marketing. Call us at 800-476-3939 and we will be honored to assist in any way we can. Click here if you prefer to email us.


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Our auctions offer sellers and buyers a simple, hassle-free, transparent transaction. 

All details are known before the auction which is attractive for all parties!

Here's a sampling of the available information:

  • Property details & overview
  • Property preview dates
  • Terms & conditions of sale (guidelines of how the property is selling and the timeline) 
  • Title commitment (selling free and clear) 
  • Bidding guidelines
  • Purchase contract (no hassles with negotiations)
  • Closing guidelines


Every day more real estate agents and brokers are turning to real estate auctions as an additional service for their clients. And it’s no secret why. Auctions continue to grow in popularity for sellers and buyers. This approach is a win-win as sellers can be in control of the process and buyers purchase at a fair value. In today’s fast-paced world a date-certain sale date, a no contingency contract, and a known closing date are attractive to everyone. The real estate industry is evolving, and brokers and auction companies will team up more and more to meet the demands of clients. Target Auction Company offers highly effective professional marketing for all your real estate selling needs. By teaming up with Target, you can enhance your market share while generating significant commissions that otherwise could go unearned or be lost. Target Auction has been matching properties with buyers since 1983.


Earn Commissions with Target 


Selling Your Listing at Auction


Exploring Auction Marketing - A Process You Can Depend On...While it may be a new experience for you or your client, auctions provide a welcome alternative. Our entire process is fast and easy. We’ve eliminated the hassles of selling while providing you with a quick stress-free closing.

You care about selling your listing quickly and efficiently while achieving top dollar, and so do we. 

Target makes it personal, so partner with us.

  1. Our team will discuss and review the process with you or your client to discuss expectations and goals without obligation. Next, we will view the property. Afterward, we will determine if Target Auction Company can assist you with marketing your client’s property. Should we meet expectations, we will team up and get started. The property’s multi-faceted nationwide marketing campaign runs for 30-45 days and combines our online auction platform and proven marketing techniques to engage the targeted buyer profile. We achieve the highest price available for the property.

  2. Auctions are fast-paced, high-energy, and exciting. Your client won’t have to worry about stressful and time-consuming negotiations. The purchaser promptly signs the contract and deposits their non-refundable earnest money. Not only is the process easier, but we’ve also eliminated the hurdles of selling by creating a seamless bidding and buying process with the transaction closing much faster.

  3. SOLD! We get RESULTS! From start to finish, we list, market, sell and close within 2-3 months. When you’re able to help fulfill your client’s goals, it’s hard not to recommend the auction platform!

Target Auction Company keeps you and your client informed every step of the way. Our auction experience delivers! Check out our Reviews plus we have plenty of references. 

You don’t have to worry about loose ends. Our team handles everything, so your listing is ready to sell, and you receive the most money possible.

Our project management team will:

  • Oversee the professional photography/videography
  • Assist with any property clean-up to make sure the property looks its best for prospective buyers
  • Facilitate the title work
  • Coordinate the survey, as needed
  • Create the bidder’s due diligence package and sales contract
  • Supervise the marketing campaign
  • Schedule and perform the property preview tours
  • Manage the online auction
  • Receive the signed contract and down payment
  • Keep everyone on schedule to close the property within 30 days, plus much more…

"I couldn't have sold it for more money with traditional methods. It worked for all involved, we obtained 110% of the appraisal price. All parties were satisfied and I thought the process was very smooth from start to finish. I look forward to working with you again and would definitely recommend your services." - Listing Agent, Mike Pennock - RE/MAX


Call for your no-commitment consultation now (800-476-3939) and avoid a lengthy and unsatisfying sales process.

Target Auction Company will find and create opportunities to ensure your client gets the best price for the property. The nature of an auction condenses the sales time and shortens the closing period. Everyone will know the selling and closing details and dates upfront, so you’ll know what to expect every step of the way. If you are interested in teaming up to sell your listing, please allow Target Auction Company to review our auction platform's benefits. We can offer the needed information to make a logical decision regarding the sale of your client’s property. We can be reached at 1-800-476-3939 and visit us at


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