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Real estate auctions continue to be a growing trend in the real estate industry as an attractive method to purchase real estate.

Target Auction provides the needed information to make the buying process easy and straightforward. Contingencies and prolonged negotiations are eliminated. Simply determine if the property meets your needs, then bid, close, and enjoy. Should you have questions, we will gladly guide you through the bid process.

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  • ​It really is quick and easy
  • Buyers determine the value
  • Long and often frustrating negotiations are eliminated because the terms of the sale are known in advance
  • Purchase date is known (close within 30 days)
  • Buyers compete fairly and under the same terms
  • Purchase from a committed seller
  • Less effort than other buying methods
  • Preview the property prior to the auction
  • Property information is provided in advance
  • Review the title commitment prior to the auction
  • Understand the terms of the sale and the deposit required in advance      
  • You set your price
  • Buyer-Broker participation is welcome
  • A transparent process

Target's team is available to assist and answer
questions you may have during the process, we want you to be a knowledgeable and informed bidder.

Our philosophy for purchasers is the more knowledgeable you are, the better buyer you will be, and it ensures a smooth closing for all parties.  We offer live outcry auctions, online events, or simulcast. We want the bidding environment to be user-friendly and convenient for our bidders. Each upcoming event will have the specifics related to that sale posted for your review.

Enjoy the process. It’s fun and exciting. And don’t worry, scratching won’t accidentally buy the farm.


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