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Target Auction utilizes innovative technology with multi-channel marketing campaigns to ensure we achieve true market value for the properties we elect to represent. The following is to help educate you on our platform:

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FLIP EMPIRE Podcast: Disposing Your Real Estate Properties Via Auction

Investor & Entrepreneurs - "Disposing Of Your Real Estate Properties Via Auction"

The Flip Empire Show Podcast Episode 548: Listen to this episode hosted by Alex Pardo with Jeff Hathorn, Vice President of Target Auction Company, and find out the many reasons why auctions are a very valuable exit strategy for...

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Valuable Land Holdings

Do I want to Sell?

Selling your valuable land tract can be a very important financial decision, and likely some emotions are attached to it as well. Most times these types of purchases aren’t a necessity, but a...

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Commercial Real Estate Auctions

When should I sell and what is the best way to do so? 

Is selling your commercial real estate today better than selling at some future unknown date? The benefits of a professional real estate auction may...

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Luxury Home Market

Real Estate Auctions – A Seller’s New Go-To Choice

Selling your luxury home is likely one of the most important financial decisions you will make. Therefore, having a successful sales plan is crucial. There are some “must” elements in devising an effective sales...

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Land Owners - Are you interested in selling your tract of land?

Acreage is the ideal property for an auction

More land has been sold at auction than any other type of property. Real estate auction sellers are typically well-capitalized and simply recognize auction marketing is a superior process to achieve top dollar for your property. 

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