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Target Auction utilizes innovative technology with multi-channel marketing campaigns to ensure we achieve true market value for the properties we elect to represent. The following is to help educate you on our platform:

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Land Owners - Are you interested in selling your tract of land?

Acreage is the ideal property for the auction format

More land has been sold at auction than any other type of property. Real estate auctions are not for the financially distressed, just a superior process to achieve top dollar for your property. 

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Auctions vs. Listings

Eliminate unnecessary days on the market

Today’s Sellers are Inquiring: What is the Best Program to Sell my Real Estate? The answer is: If you want the best possible price, do so in a reasonable time, and eliminate issues...

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Luxury Real Estate Auctions

Are you ready to sell your property instead of lowering the price and relisting it? 

It is worthwhile to evaluate a different marketing and selling strategy for your luxury property, a selling alternative that works, one with a call-to-action naturally built-in.

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Real Estate Agents: Earn Additional Commissions for Doing What You Do

Team Up with Target Auction Company for Increased Results

Every day more real estate agents and brokers are using professional real estate auctions as an additional service for their clients. Auctions continue to grow in popularity for...

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Real Estate Selling Alternatives: A Real Estate Auction Marketing Comparison

Why would someone desire to sell their real estate at auction?

The answer is simple and straightforward. With this approach, sellers can manage the timing and conditions of selling and receive a fair value. In today’s fast-paced world a sale on a defined date and a known closing time is attractive...

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