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Target Auction utilizes innovative technology with multi-channel marketing campaigns to ensure we achieve true market value for the properties we elect to represent. Much of the following will help educate you on our platform:


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NAR says, “Auctions carry a lot of benefits for sellers”

If you’re looking to sell (or purchase) property, an auction may be a good place to start.

This rising trend for selling real estate isn’t only for foreclosures or fixer-uppers. In fact, the National Association of Realtors says...

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What’s on tap for the 2023 Housing Market?

Forecasts are all over the board on what we can expect in the for-sale housing market next year but nearly all seem to...

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The Big Benefits of Buying Land at Auction

A lot of real estate is just about making sure you put out the best bid for the best property.

So why not streamline the process and buy land at auction instead of...

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Financing: When Location Doesn’t Necessarily Matter

When Buyers Choose a Lender, Location Doesn’t Factor In

According to the LANDTHINK Pulse results, 55.9% of their audience indicated that if they were purchasing recreational land for sale, the location of the lender...

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FLIP EMPIRE Podcast: Disposing Your Real Estate Properties Via Auction

Investor & Entrepreneurs - "Disposing Of Your Real Estate Properties Via Auction"

The Flip Empire Show Podcast Episode 548: Listen to this episode hosted by Alex Pardo with Jeff Hathorn, Vice President of Target Auction Company, and find out the many reasons why auctions are a very valuable exit strategy for...

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