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Target Auction utilizes innovative technology with multi-channel marketing campaigns to ensure we achieve true market value for the properties we elect to represent. The following is to help educate you on our platform:

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Selling A Unique or Specialty Property? Target Auction says, ‘No Problem’

In today's marketplace, certain properties such as historic homes, B&Bs, event venues, and even large luxury homes can sit idle with no lookers or offers for long periods of time. Sometimes it takes more than just saying 'It's for sale!' to attract a buyer for a property.

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Four Ways to Tell if an Auction is Legitimate

Maybe you’ve seen an auction advertised in your town or online. Maybe you’ve thought that might be a good place to find exactly what you’re looking for. You’re right...

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Purchasing Hunting Land in a Pandemic

People value the great outdoors even more with the increased numbers of Covid-19 cases 

Over the last few months, states all across the country have reported a huge uptick in the sale of hunting and fishing licenses as many people are looking for...

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Things to Consider if you have Land Development Property for Sale

Developed Land or Potential Development Land is Best Sold at Auction

Selling land developments and higher-and-best-use properties can be challenging and most definitely call for a professional company with the right experience and track record. Utilizing a capable real estate auction company specializing in land auctions...

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How Auctions Work

A Buyer’s Guide to Real Estate Auctions: How do real estate auctions differ from traditional home sales?

It’s not as different as you might think. We know what you might be thinking about real estate auctions… aren’t those just foreclosures and dilapidated, distressed houses? 

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