SOLD $1.8M - 569± Acres at Lake Guntersville, Alabama
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569± Acres with Scenic Views of Lake Guntersville - Marshall County, Alabama

SOLD!  This was a rare opportunity to own 569 acres overlooking beautiful Lake Guntersville. This was a prime recreational tract with future development potential which garnered a high level of interest. Large land tracts are an ideal candidate for our auction platform. As a result of our marketing, these types of properties typically generate more interest because of nationwide exposure and a date driven call to action.
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    -SOLD for $1.8M-

    569.15± Acres at Beautiful Lake Guntersville

    Grant, Marshall County, AL


    0 Bishop Mountain Road, Grant, Marshall County, AL 35747


    This 569.15± acre property is located conveniently between Huntsville and Guntersville, just off US Hwy 431. Not only does it offer many home sites with breathtaking panoramic views of Lake Guntersville, but it also includes over 3,000± feet along TVA’s shoreline boundary in Hambrick Hollow. TVA owns the shoreline up to 600 ft. These beautiful views and mature hardwood ridges offer a huge variety of development opportunities.


    Searching for a great hunting or timber tract? The majority of the property is covered in mature upland hardwood & old growth timber along with 17 acres of loblolly pine plantation. There are significant volumes of mature white oak and natural pine timber throughout the property that could be harvested for an immediate income. For hunters, these mixed hardwood stands are a dream come true. With a variety of oaks across the property, there are always acorns available for the wildlife. If you enjoy fishing, maybe you would be interested in fishing one of the top bass lakes in North America. The opportunity is right there from the bank of Hambrick Hollow. The slough offers depths from 2 feet to 12 feet with tons of structure for great fishing.


    This property has approximately 2,000± feet of road frontage on Bishop Mountain Road and Seely Road. The roads and trail system throughout the property are improved gravel and chert roads. These create easy access by truck or ATV.


    If you are looking for a property with significant timber and recreational value, as well as limitless potential for development, or a private or corporate retreat, look no further. This is it.





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    Buyer Agent Commission Available.  Dewey Jacobs, ALAU #5060.


    Terms of Sale: This is a CONTINGENCY-FREE sale with ten percent (10%) down payment based on the total contract price for the Property which is due within 24 hours of receipt of the signed contract. The remaining balance is due at closing within 30 days. 


    2% Buyers Agent/Broker Commission: Please see the Broker Compensation Form under this property’s Documents tab.


    Property Tours: The property is vacant and can be viewed at any time during daylight hours.


    Directions: From Intersection of Hwy 69 and Hwy 431 in Guntersville, take Hwy 431 North 13.6 miles. Turn left on Bishops Mountain Road and go 1.4 miles to the Property.


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