Auctions vs. Traditional Listings
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Auctions vs. Traditional Listings

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Eliminate unnecessary days on the market. Listed with no success?

Today’s Sellers are Inquiring: What is the Best Program to Sell my Real Estate?


The answer is: If you want the best possible price, do so in a reasonable time, and eliminate issues - have a date-certain sale with a professional real estate auction company. This is a superior method as well as a smart business decision. The real estate market is always evolving, so team up with a premier auction marketing company to achieve your goals. Auction marketing is growing in popularity for valuable non-distressed property. This approach is a win-win. Sellers can manage the timing and conditions of the transaction while buyers purchase at fair value with all the terms known in advance. Real estate auctions: an efficient and logical business decision.


Check Out the Auction Benefits:



showcases your property throughout the marketplace & features only your propertyadvertises your property in with many others
accelerates the marketing period eliminating unnecessary days on the marketthe property is likely to remain on the market for an extended amount of time
produces highly visible motivational advertising exclusive to your propertyis rarely advertised outside of the MLS and when advertised it's with multiple properties, is not an exclusive campaign, advertising is minimal & relies on the the MLS too heavily
forces all interested parties to act on your time schedule, you manage the terms of sale and the timinglacks the ability to create action, forcing sellers to wait on buyers
is the catalyst to peak buyer interest and produces offersattempts to create interest with price reductions
realizes the property’s true market valuepresents a dilemma in determining a price for the property because the seller never wants to overprice yet recognizes the consequences of underpricing. Each has a negative impact.
eliminates the guesswork in determining what to ask or accept

typically doesn't have accurate comps for high value, special, and unique properties

presets all conditions of the sale eliminating negotiationsforces the seller to negotiate all aspects of the sale
secures a contingency-free contractmakes contingencies standard
utilizes technology and proven marketing techniques in an intense multi-channel campaignis not heavily advertised due to the uncertainty of the property selling
generates offers prior to and during the eventreceives few offers and multiple offers are rare


Even though we are in the real estate auction business, Target Auction is more accurately described as being in the marketing business. Today’s auctions include high-tech marketing and online bidding platforms. With Target you will eliminate unnecessary days on the market while achieving top price.

Please visit our website at and you can reach us at 800-476-3939. At Target Auction, we are always pleased to discuss our marketing capabilities. Thanks for your consideration.

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