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Target Auction provides unparalleled service. Our selling & closing ratio is one of the best in the real estate industry.


How Do I Get Results for My Property? 


Orange Beach Waterfront Estate

SOLD!  Orange Beach, AL - This beautiful bayside estate is a prime example of the results Target Auction achieves for its clients with luxury real estate. A price of $3.2 million met the seller's goals and they were very excited with these results. Over 60 potential bidders representing 14 states toured the property.

Hilltop Farm - 141+/- Acres in Hanceville, AL

SOLD!  Another very satisfied seller and purchaser! The purchaser of this farm and recreational property made an offer of almost full asking price 9 days prior to the auction date. He also ended up buying the seller's cattle. This was another scenario where the seller simply wanted to be in control of the sales efforts, Instead of waiting and hoping something would happen, they called us. The auction date created urgency and achieved top market price. The seller was able to sell the farm, cattle and equipment in one easy effort. “I called Target Auction Company as my first choice...I was not disappointed”, said our seller. Our goal is to deliver excellent results while providing quality service.

Oceanfront Home / Mid-Coast Maine

SOLD!  This waterfront property generated tremendous activity! The open houses were very active with prospective buyers which resulted in 10 bidders from 7 states across the country. The seller was pleased with all aspects and was glad he chose us to sell his home at auction. We got results when no one else did and the property sold for more than double the reserve price which proves that auction marketing works.

Wagon Box Inn - Story, WY

SOLD! Wagon Box Inn – Story, WY. We had nationwide responses from our marketing efforts on this commercial property which had been on and off the market for approximately 5 years without any takers. Our seller was ready to take control of the sales process and be pro-active in their efforts. They are very pleased with the results and are now ready to enjoy retirement. Our track record with selling commerical real estate demonstrates that Target is one of the top auction companies nationwide.

Lakefront European Masterpiece

SOLD! Luxury home sold for $2.125 million. With only 8 lookers prior to our involvement, Target had 70 groups tour the property during our open house events. This is a testament to the power of a date-certain event! The sellers are very pleased with all aspects of the Target Auction Company process, especially the price which exceeded their expectations. When attempting to sell your luxury home, what will seperate you from all the others? A highly visible multi-channel auction marketing campaign will deliver the desired results.

Corporate-Owned Commercial Properties

SOLD! This was a corporate owned multi-property auction event with assets throughout 10 states. The event consisted of improved and unimproved commercial investment properties and our marketing campaign generated buyers from across the country. We sold numerous properties while offering them with online and live platforms. Auction marketing is the only way to sell this many properties in a compressed time frame. Anyone who has multiple properties on the market, should consider a professional real estate auction company.

Richey Farm - Premier Home on 108+/- Acres

SOLD!  Target sold and closed this farm in 8 days! We have a delighted seller that has already recommended us to friends. Since this event, they have used us on several other properties. They used traditional listings to try and sell for years before turning to Target Auction to get results. "My wife and I are very pleased with the purchase, Target made the buying experience smooth and easy." - Buyer. Since this sale, the buyer has chosen  to use Target Auction for their selling needs as a result of their experience. Farm and ranch properties are ideal for our selling process.

Mississippi Land - 1100 acres

SOLD! This large land tract consisted of 1100 acres of valuable timber and prime recreational opportunity. By having a known closing date, the online auction method offers freedom to be in control and to make future plans with certainty. There are many benefits to selling land at auction.

Shoal Creek Farm

SOLD! Our marketing generated 45 tours of the property from 5 states, 23 registered bidders and over 75 people in attendance for this premier land and recreational property. This event had active bidding from start to finish and once again we were able to exceed our seller's expectations with a complete sell-out! Desirable properties such as this farm are ideal candidates for the auction method because it demands competition among buyers which drives the price higher. 

Center Stage - Events Venue

SOLD!  This commercial property had an assorted mix of potential uses, at its core it was a music venue. We had numerous bidders competing for ownership, each with their own vision of how to put it to use. Both seller and buyer were pleased with the outcome. By way of auction, commercial properties bring out high quantities of investors as well as end users. Although auction marketing allows you to sell real estate fast, the main benefit is it will achieve a property's true value. This provides a win-win and continues to gain popularity for sellers and buyers. 

Premier Luxury Mediterranean Home

SOLD! This luxurious home had 16 registered bidders competing for ownership. What other method would allow you to have 16 people trying to buy your home at one time? An auction is the only way to achieve this level of performance. The seller was very pleased with the process and the results generated. The home had been on the market an extensive time through conventional methods with little activity. We had 73 groups tour the home in the 3 weeks prior to the auction event. Even though we do real estate sales, we are more accurately described as being in the marketing business. 

Shangri-La Subdivision - Boaz, Alabama

SOLD! This developer closeout sale generated 30 bidders with our live and online bidding platform. How else can you sell 11 premier lots in one day? Target has sold out many residential developments, our experience is unequaled. The Seller was pleased, "I am glad we engaged Target Auction Company and would do it again."

Premier Luxury Waterfront Estate on Lake Chickamauga

SOLD!  This spectacular home generated interest from 6 states and 2 countries! We had over 36 tours by using our marketing techniques. The auction provided the urgency in the marketplace that was needed in order to achieve the seller's goal. Target remains on the cutting edge of the real estate auction business with high-tech bidding platforms and major media campaigns with glitzy marketing pieces. 

Vestavia 10 Acre Luxury Estate

SOLD. After an extended length of time using the traditional selling method, our Seller needed the time-sensitive date that only an auction provides to achieve his goals. He was very pleased with the outcome; selling for $1,045,000. With over 25 property tours within two weeks, we had a successful event achieving 99% of client's target price.

Private Country Estate on 37± Acres in Winnsboro, Texas

SOLD! This premier private country estate is a prime example of the auction benefits. Sellers choose us to take control of the sales process, they control the terms and the timing of their sale. All of our properties are sold for cash without any contingencies. The buyers for our properties are not limited by geography and can bid from any place in the world.